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Iron Maiden

UK SinglesFirst Charted
The Trooper02 Jul 1983
Aces High03 Nov 1984
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter05 Jan 1991
Running Free05 Oct 1985
Wasted Years06 Sep 1986
Sanctuary07 Jun 1980
Man On The Edge07 Oct 1995
Women In Uniform08 Nov 1980
From Here To Eternity11 Jul 1992
The Evil That Men Do13 Aug 1988
Fear Of The Dark (Live)13 Mar 1993
Run To The Hills14 Dec 1985
Twilight Zone14 Mar 1981
Wrathchild14 Mar 1981
The Number Of The Beast15 May 1982
Hallowed Be Thy Name16 Oct 1993
2 Minutes To Midnight18 Aug 1984
Infinite Dreams18 Nov 1989
The Clairvoyant19 Nov 1988
Run To The Hills20 Feb 1982
The Angel And The Gambler21 Mar 1998
Virus21 Sep 1996
Stranger In A Strange Land22 Nov 1986
Holy Smoke22 Sep 1990
Flight Of Icarus23 Apr 1983
Running Free23 Feb 1980
Be Quick Or Be Dead25 Apr 1992
Can I Play With Madness26 Mar 1988
Maiden Japan (EP)26 Sep 1981
Purgatory27 Jun 1981