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Julian Cope

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Head03 Aug 1991
Planetary Sit-In05 Oct 1996
World Shut Your Mouth08 Aug 1992
Beautiful Love09 Feb 1991
Eve's Volcano (Covered In Sin)11 Apr 1987
Try Try Try12 Aug 1995
Trampolene17 Jan 1987
Fear Loves This Place17 Oct 1992
Sunshine Playroom19 Nov 1983
Easy Rider20 Apr 1991
5 O'Clock World21 Jan 1989
China Doll24 Jun 1989
Charlotte Anne24 Sep 1988
I Come From Another Planet, Baby27 Jul 1996
World Shut Your Mouth27 Sep 1986
The Greatness And Perfection Of Love31 Mar 1984

US SinglesFirst Charted
World Shut Your Mouth21 Mar 1987