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Level 42

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Hot Water01 Sep 1984
Weave Your Spell02 Oct 1982
The Chant Has Begun (Edited Version)03 Nov 1984
Heaven In My Hands03 Sep 1988
Love In A Peaceful World06 Aug 1994
Leaving Me Now (Re-Mix)07 Dec 1985
Turn It On08 Aug 1981
Are You Hearing (What I Hear)08 May 1982
Children Say (Remix)12 Dec 1987
It's Over (Remix)12 Sep 1987
Running In The Family14 Feb 1987
Starchild (Remix)14 Nov 1981
The Chinese Way15 Jan 1983
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind16 Apr 1983
Guaranteed17 Aug 1991
Love Games18 Apr 1981
My Father's Shoes18 Apr 1992
Overture19 Oct 1991
Tracie21 Jan 1989
Something About You21 Sep 1985
Micro-Kid22 Oct 1983
To Be With You Again25 Apr 1987
Lessons In Love26 Apr 1986
Forever Now26 Feb 1994
Take Care Of Yourself28 Oct 1989
Take A Look29 Oct 1988
All Over You30 Apr 1994
Love Meeting Love30 Aug 1980
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)30 Jul 1983

US SinglesFirst Charted
Something About You15 Feb 1986
Hot Water26 Jul 1986
Lessons In Love04 Apr 1987
Running In The Family08 Aug 1987