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UK SinglesFirst Charted
The Prince01 Sep 1979
One Step Beyond10 Nov 1979
My Girl05 Jan 1980
Work Rest And Play (EP)05 Apr 1980
Baggy Trousers13 Sep 1980
Embarrassment22 Nov 1980
The Return Of The Los Palmas Seven24 Jan 1981
Grey Day25 Apr 1981
Shut Up26 Sep 1981
It Must Be Love05 Dec 1981
Cardiac Arrest20 Feb 1982
House Of Fun22 May 1982
Driving In My Car24 Jul 1982
Our House27 Nov 1982
Madness (Is All In The Mind)19 Feb 1983
Tomorrow's Just Another Day19 Feb 1983
Wings Of A Dove20 Aug 1983
The Sun And The Rain05 Nov 1983
Michael Caine11 Feb 1984
One Better Day02 Jun 1984
Yesterday's Men31 Aug 1985
Uncle Sam26 Oct 1985
Sweetest Girl01 Feb 1986
(Waiting For) The Ghost Train08 Nov 1986
It Must Be Love15 Feb 1992
House Of Fun25 Apr 1992
My Girl08 Aug 1992
The Harder They Come28 Nov 1992
Night Boat To Cairo27 Feb 1993
Lovestruck31 Jul 1999
Johnny The Horse06 Nov 1999

US SinglesFirst Charted
Our House07 May 1983
It Must Be Love20 Aug 1983
The Sun And The Rain03 Mar 1984