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Marc Almond

UK SinglesFirst Charted
You Have01 Sep 1984
The Boy Who Came Back02 Jun 1984
A Lover Spurned03 Mar 1990
Tears Run Rings03 Sep 1988
Bitter Sweet05 Nov 1988
Only The Moment08 Apr 1989
My Hand Over My Heart11 Jan 1992
Adored And Explored13 May 1995
Melancholy Rose14 Feb 1987
Ruby Red18 Oct 1986
The Desperate Hours19 May 1990
Stories Of Johnny24 Aug 1985
The Days Of Pearly Spencer25 Apr 1992
Love Letter26 Oct 1985
What Makes A Man A Man (Live)27 Mar 1993
Jacky28 Sep 1991
The Idol29 Jul 1995
Child Star30 Dec 1995

US SinglesFirst Charted
Tears Run Rings21 Jan 1989