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UK SinglesFirst Charted
Market Square Heroes20 Nov 1982
He Knows You Know12 Feb 1983
Garden Party18 Jun 1983
Punch And Judy11 Feb 1984
Assassing12 May 1984
Kayleigh18 May 1985
Lavender07 Sep 1985
Heart Of Lothian30 Nov 1985
Incommunicado23 May 1987
Sugar Mice25 Jul 1987
Warm Wet Circles07 Nov 1987
Freaks (Live)26 Nov 1988
Hooks In You09 Sep 1989
Uninvited Guest09 Dec 1989
Easter14 Apr 1990
Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)08 Jun 1991
No One Can03 Aug 1991
Dry Land05 Oct 1991
Sympathy23 May 1992
No One Can01 Aug 1992
The Hollow Man26 Mar 1994
Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury07 May 1994
Beautiful10 Jun 1995

US SinglesFirst Charted
Kayleigh05 Oct 1985