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Pat Boone

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Ain't That A Shame18 Nov 1955
I'll Be Home27 Apr 1956
Long Tall Sally27 Jul 1956
I Almost Lost My Mind17 Aug 1956
Friendly Persuasion07 Dec 1956
Ain't That A Shame11 Jan 1957
Don't Forbid Me01 Feb 1957
Why Baby Why26 Apr 1957
Love Letters In The Sand05 Jul 1957
Bernadine31 Aug 1957
Remember You're Mine27 Sep 1957
There's A Gold Mine In The Sky27 Sep 1957
April Love06 Dec 1957
White Christmas13 Dec 1957
A Wonderful Time Up There04 Apr 1958
It's Too Soon To Know11 Apr 1958
Sugar Moon27 Jun 1958
If Dreams Came True29 Aug 1958
Gee, But It's Lonely05 Dec 1958
I'll Remember Tonight16 Jan 1959
With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair10 Apr 1959
For A Penny22 May 1959
Twixt Twelve And Twenty31 Jul 1959
Walking The Floor Over You23 Jun 1960
Moody River06 Jul 1961
Johnny Will07 Dec 1961
I'll See You In My Dreams15 Feb 1962
Quando, Quando, Quando24 May 1962
Speedy Gonzales12 Jul 1962
The Main Attraction15 Nov 1962

US SinglesFirst Charted
Two Hearts02 Apr 1955
Ain't That A Shame09 Jul 1955
At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)29 Oct 1955
No Other Arms12 Nov 1955
Gee Whittakers!17 Dec 1955
Tutti Frutti28 Jan 1956
I'll Be Home04 Feb 1956
Long Tall Sally14 Apr 1956
Just As Long As I'm With You28 Apr 1956
I Almost Lost My Mind02 Jun 1956
I'm In Love With You09 Jun 1956
Chains Of Love15 Sep 1956
Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)15 Sep 1956
Anastasia22 Dec 1956
Don't Forbid Me22 Dec 1956
I'm Waiting Just For You06 Mar 1957
Why Baby Why06 Mar 1957
Bernardine01 May 1957
Love Letters In The Sand01 May 1957
Remember You're Mine03 Aug 1957
There's A Gold Mine In The Sky10 Aug 1957
April Love26 Oct 1957
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano02 Nov 1957
A Wonderful Time Up There08 Feb 1958
It's Too Soon To Know08 Feb 1958
Sugar Moon26 Apr 1958
Cherie, I Love You10 May 1958
That's How Much I Love You05 Jul 1958
If Dreams Came True05 Jul 1958
For My Good Fortune01 Sep 1958
Gee, But It's Lonely22 Sep 1958
I'll Remember Tonight27 Oct 1958
With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair12 Jan 1959
Good Rockin' Tonight12 Jan 1959
For A Penny23 Mar 1959
The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango (Mambo Cha Cha Cha)20 Apr 1959
Twixt Twelve And Twenty15 Jun 1959
Fools Hall Of Fame14 Sep 1959
Beyond The Sunset30 Nov 1959
(Welcome) New Lovers22 Feb 1960
Words21 Mar 1960
Walking The Floor Over You23 May 1960
Spring Rain30 May 1960
Candy Sweet22 Aug 1960
Delia Gone22 Aug 1960
Dear John24 Oct 1960
Alabam24 Oct 1960
The Exodus Song23 Jan 1961
Moody River01 May 1961
Big Cold Wind21 Aug 1961
Johnny Will13 Nov 1961
I'll See You In My Dreams27 Jan 1962
Pictures In The Fire10 Feb 1962
Quando, Quando, Quando (Tell Me When)19 May 1962
Speedy Gonzales16 Jun 1962
Ten Lonely Guys22 Sep 1962
Meditation (Meditacao)09 Mar 1963
Beach Girl26 Sep 1964
Wish You Were Here, Buddy22 Oct 1966
July You're A Woman19 Apr 1969