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Paul Anka

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Diana09 Aug 1957
Tell Me That You Love Me08 Nov 1957
I Love You, Baby08 Nov 1957
You Are My Destiny31 Jan 1958
Crazy Love30 May 1958
Midnight26 Sep 1958
(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings30 Jan 1959
Lonely Boy10 Jul 1959
Put Your Head On My Shoulder30 Oct 1959
It's Time To Cry26 Feb 1960
Puppy Love31 Mar 1960
Hello Young Lovers15 Sep 1960
Love Me Warm And Tender15 Mar 1962
A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine26 Jul 1962
(You're) Having My Baby28 Sep 1974

US SinglesFirst Charted
Diana06 Jul 1957
I Love You Baby07 Dec 1957
You Are My Destiny11 Jan 1958
Crazy Love12 Apr 1958
Let The Bells Keep Ringing12 Apr 1958
Midnight19 Jul 1958
Just Young06 Oct 1958
The Teen Commandments01 Dec 1958
(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings22 Dec 1958
I Miss You So30 Mar 1959
Lonely Boy01 Jun 1959
Put Your Head On My Shoulder31 Aug 1959
It's Time To Cry23 Nov 1959
Puppy Love15 Feb 1960
Adam And Eve04 Apr 1960
My Home Town23 May 1960
Something Happened30 May 1960
I Love You In The Same Old Way01 Aug 1960
Hello Young Lovers01 Aug 1960
Summer's Gone26 Sep 1960
The Story Of My Love16 Jan 1961
Tonight My Love, Tonight13 Mar 1961
Dance On Little Girl29 May 1961
Kissin' On The Phone28 Aug 1961
Cinderella11 Sep 1961
Love Me Warm And Tender24 Feb 1962
A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine26 May 1962
Every Night (Without You)25 Aug 1962
I'm Coming Home25 Aug 1962
Eso Beso (That Kiss!)03 Nov 1962
Love (Makes The World Go Round)19 Jan 1963
Remember Diana13 Apr 1963
Hello Jim29 Jun 1963
Did You Have A Happy Birthday?14 Dec 1963
Goodnight My Love04 Jan 1969
In The Still Of The Night22 Mar 1969
Sincerely31 May 1969
Happy22 Nov 1969
Do I Love You02 Oct 1971
Jubilation25 Mar 1972
Let Me Get To Know You05 Jan 1974
(You're) Having My Baby06 Jul 1974
One Man Woman/One Woman Man09 Nov 1974
I Don't Like To Sleep Alone15 Mar 1975
I Believe There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love26 Jul 1975
Time Of Your Life15 Nov 1975
Anytime (I'll Be There)03 Apr 1976
Happier18 Dec 1976
My Best Friend's Wife30 Apr 1977
Everybody Ought To Be In Love16 Jul 1977
This Is Love07 Oct 1978
I've Been Waiting For You All My Life18 Apr 1981
Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes18 Jun 1983