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Paul Simon

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Slip Slidin Away03 Dec 1977
The Obvious Child06 Oct 1990
Late In The Evening06 Sep 1980
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover10 Jan 1976
The Boy In The Bubble (Remix)13 Dec 1986
You Can Call Me Al13 Sep 1986
Take Me To The Mardi Gras16 Jun 1973
Mother And Child Reunion19 Feb 1972
Loves Me Like A Rock22 Sep 1973
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard29 Apr 1972

US SinglesFirst Charted
Mother And Child Reunion05 Feb 1972
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard08 Apr 1972
Duncan08 Jul 1972
Kodachrome19 May 1973
Loves Me Like A Rock04 Aug 1973
American Tune01 Dec 1973
Gone At Last16 Aug 1975
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover20 Dec 1975
Still Crazy After All These Years01 May 1976
Slip Slidin' Away15 Oct 1977
Late In The Evening09 Aug 1980
One-Trick Pony25 Oct 1980
Allergies05 Nov 1983
You Can Call Me Al09 Aug 1986
Graceland06 Dec 1986
The Boy In The Bubble07 Mar 1987
The Obvious Child15 Dec 1990