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Perry Como

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes16 Jan 1953
Wanted04 Jun 1954
Idle Gossip25 Jun 1954
Papa Loves Mambo10 Dec 1954
Tina Marie30 Dec 1955
Juke Box Baby27 Apr 1956
Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)25 May 1956
More21 Sep 1956
Glendora28 Sep 1956
Magic Moments07 Feb 1958
Catch A Falling Star07 Mar 1958
Kewpie Doll09 May 1958
I May Never Pass This Way Again30 May 1958
Moon Talk05 Sep 1958
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Yeah Yeah)07 Nov 1958
Mandolins In The Moonlight21 Nov 1958
Tomboy27 Feb 1959
I Know10 Jul 1959
Delaware26 Feb 1960
Caterina10 May 1962
It's Impossible30 Jan 1971
I Think Of You15 May 1971
And I Love You So21 Apr 1973
For The Good Times25 Aug 1973
Walk Right Back08 Dec 1973
I Want To Give25 May 1974

US SinglesFirst Charted
Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes
Tulips and Heather26 Jan 1952
Please Mr. Sun16 Feb 1952
Noodlin' Rag08 Mar 1952
One Little Candle03 May 1952
My Love and Devotion04 Oct 1952
To Know You (Is to Love You)01 Nov 1952
Winter Wonderland27 Dec 1952
Wild Horses14 Feb 1953
I Confess28 Mar 1953
Say You're Mine Again25 Apr 1953
My One and Only Heart06 Jun 1953
No Other Love20 Jun 1953
Keep it Gay05 Sep 1953
Pa-Paya Mama24 Oct 1953
You Alone31 Oct 1953
Wanted06 Mar 1954
Look Out the Window (And See How I'm Standing in the Rain)08 Mar 1954
Hit and Run Affair03 Jul 1954
There Never was a Night So Beautiful19 Aug 1954
Papa Loves Mambo02 Oct 1954
The Things I Didn't Do13 Nov 1954
Home For The Holidays25 Dec 1954
Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)05 Feb 1955
Chee Chee-oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)11 Jun 1955
Two Lost Souls25 Jun 1955
Tina Marie13 Aug 1955
Fooled20 Aug 1955
The Rose Tattoo12 Nov 1955
All At Once You Love Her12 Nov 1955
Juke Box Baby10 Mar 1956
Hot Diggity (Dog Diggity Boom)10 Mar 1956
Glendora09 Jun 1956
More16 Jun 1956
Somebody Up There Likes Me28 Jul 1956
Dream Along With Me (I'm On My Way To a Star)28 Jul 1956
Moonlight Love03 Nov 1956
Chincherinchee10 Nov 1956
Round And Round13 Feb 1957
Mi Casa, Su Casa (My House Is Your House)27 Feb 1957
The Girl With The Golden Braids15 May 1957
My Little Baby22 May 1957
Dancin'24 Aug 1957
Just Born (To Be Your Baby)12 Oct 1957
Ivy Rose26 Oct 1957
Jingle Bells21 Dec 1957
Catch A Falling Star11 Jan 1958
Magic Moments11 Jan 1958
Kewpie Doll05 Apr 1958
Dance Only With Me05 May 1958
Moon Talk19 Jul 1958
Love Makes The World Go 'Round13 Oct 1958
Mandolins In The Moonlight27 Oct 1958
Tomboy23 Feb 1959
I Know08 Jun 1959
Delaware08 Feb 1960
I Know What God Is08 Feb 1960
Make Someone Happy26 Dec 1960
You're Following Me20 Nov 1961
Caterina31 Mar 1962
(I Love You) Don't You Forget It01 Jun 1963
Dream On Little Dreamer10 Apr 1965
Oowee, Oowee31 Jul 1965
Stop! And Think It Over20 May 1967
The Father Of Girls16 Mar 1968
Seattle12 Apr 1969
It's Impossible14 Nov 1970
I Think Of You20 Mar 1971
And I Love You So14 Apr 1973
Christmas Dream21 Dec 1974