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Big Country

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Where The Rose Is Sown01 Dec 1984
Ships (Where Were You)01 May 1993
Chance03 Sep 1983
Peace In Our Time04 Feb 1989
Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)05 Nov 1988
You Dreamer09 Sep 1995
I'm Not Ashamed10 Jun 1995
Look Away12 Apr 1986
Save Me12 May 1990
Alone13 Mar 1993
Just A Shadow19 Jan 1985
Beautiful People19 Oct 1991
King Of Emotion20 Aug 1988
One Great Thing20 Sep 1986
Wonderland21 Jan 1984
Heart Of The World21 Jul 1990
The Teacher21 Jun 1986
Fields Of Fire (400 Miles)26 Feb 1983
In A Big Country28 May 1983
Hold The Heart29 Nov 1986
East Of Eden29 Sep 1984
Republican Party Reptile (EP)31 Aug 1991

US SinglesFirst Charted
In A Big Country22 Oct 1983
Fields Of Fire04 Feb 1984
Wonderland02 Jun 1984