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Roy Orbison

UK SinglesFirst Charted
She's A Mystery To Me01 Apr 1989
There Won't Be Many Coming Home01 Dec 1966
I Drove All Night04 Jul 1992
Crawlin' Back04 Nov 1965
Twinkle Toes07 Apr 1966
Heartbreak Radio07 Nov 1992
Dream Baby08 Mar 1962
Workin' For The Man08 Nov 1962
Ride Away09 Sep 1965
Oh, Pretty Woman10 Sep 1964
Goodnight11 Feb 1965
Today's Teardrops12 Nov 1960
I Drove All Night13 Nov 1993
Penny Arcade13 Sep 1969
You Got It14 Jan 1989
Lana16 Jun 1966
Too Soon To Know18 Aug 1966
Pretty Paper19 Nov 1964
Blue Bayou19 Sep 1963
Mean Woman Blues19 Sep 1963
Borne On The Wind20 Feb 1964
Cryin'21 Sep 1961
(Say) You're My Girl22 Jul 1965
So Good23 Feb 1967
Walk On24 Jul 1968
Runnin' Scared25 May 1961
Heartache25 Sep 1968
Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart27 Jan 1966
Blue Angel27 Oct 1960
In Dreams28 Feb 1963
Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel)28 Jul 1960
The Crowd28 Jun 1962
It's Over30 Apr 1964
My Friend30 Apr 1969
Falling30 May 1963

US SinglesFirst Charted
Ooby Dooby16 Jun 1956
Up Town18 Jan 1960
Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)06 Jun 1960
Blue Angel19 Sep 1960
I'm Hurtin'12 Dec 1960
Running Scared10 Apr 1961
Candy Man07 Aug 1961
Crying14 Aug 1961
Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)17 Feb 1962
The Crowd02 Jun 1962
Workin' For The Man22 Sep 1962
Leah06 Oct 1962
In Dreams09 Feb 1963
Falling08 Jun 1963
Mean Woman Blues07 Sep 1963
Blue Bayou14 Sep 1963
Pretty Paper14 Dec 1963
It's Over11 Apr 1964
Oh, Pretty Woman29 Aug 1964
Goodnight13 Feb 1965
(Say) You're My Girl10 Jul 1965
Ride Away21 Aug 1965
Crawling Back06 Nov 1965
Let The Good Times Roll13 Nov 1965
Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart22 Jan 1966
Twinkle Toes30 Apr 1966
Too Soon To Know06 Aug 1966
Communication Breakdown10 Dec 1966
Cry Softly Lonely One29 Jul 1967
That Lovin' You Feelin' Again28 Jun 1980
You Got It21 Jan 1989