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UK SinglesFirst Charted
New World Man04 Sep 1982
Roll The Bones07 Mar 1992
Countdown07 May 1983
New World Man07 May 1983
Closer To The Heart11 Feb 1978
The Big Money12 Oct 1985
The Spirit Of Radio15 Mar 1980
Prime Mover23 Apr 1988
The Body Electric26 May 1984
Vital Signs28 Mar 1981
In The Mood28 Mar 1981
Subdivisions30 Oct 1982
Tom Sawyer (Live)31 Oct 1981
A Passage To Bangkok (Live)31 Oct 1981

US SinglesFirst Charted
Fly By Night/In The Mood08 Jan 1977
Closer To The Heart (Studio Version)26 Nov 1977
The Spirit Of Radio23 Feb 1980
Limelight14 Mar 1981
Tom Sawyer06 Jun 1981
Closer To The Heart12 Dec 1981
New World Man18 Sep 1982
The Big Money09 Nov 1985