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Sandie Shaw

UK SinglesFirst Charted
You've Not Changed04 Oct 1967
Today07 Feb 1968
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me08 Oct 1964
Run08 Sep 1966
Girl Don't Come10 Dec 1964
Monsieur Dupont12 Feb 1969
Tonight In Tokyo12 Jul 1967
Nothing Less Than Brilliant12 Nov 1994
Long Live Love13 May 1965
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken14 Jun 1986
Think It All Over14 May 1969
Puppet On A String16 Mar 1967
I'll Stop At Nothing18 Feb 1965
How Can You Tell18 Nov 1965
I Don't Need Anything19 Jan 1967
Nothing Comes Easy19 May 1966
Hand In Glove21 Apr 1984
Message Understood23 Sep 1965
Think Sometimes About Me24 Nov 1966
Tomorrow27 Jan 1966

US SinglesFirst Charted
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me28 Nov 1964
Girl Don't Come06 Mar 1965
Long Live Love12 Jun 1965