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Simple Minds

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Sanctify Yourself01 Feb 1986
Sweet In Bullet (Remix)07 Nov 1981
Hypnotised08 Apr 1995
The Amsterdam (EP)09 Dec 1989
Promised You A Miracle10 Apr 1982
Love Song10 Oct 1992
Alive And Kicking10 Oct 1992
All The Things She Said12 Apr 1986
Life In A Day12 May 1979
Alive And Kicking12 Oct 1985
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)13 Nov 1982
Glitterball14 Mar 1998
Love Song (Edit)15 Aug 1981
Ghostdancing15 Nov 1986
Belfast Child (Full Length Version)18 Feb 1989
Don't You (Forget About Me)20 Apr 1985
Promised You A Miracle (Live)20 Jun 1987
This Is Your Land (Full Length Version)22 Apr 1989
Let There Be Love23 Mar 1991
The American23 May 1981
Up On The Catwalk24 Mar 1984
See The Lights25 May 1991
Waterfront26 Nov 1983
Real Life26 Oct 1991
Glittering Prize28 Aug 1982
Speed Your Love To Me28 Jan 1984
She's A River28 Jan 1995
Kick It In29 Jul 1989
War Babies30 May 1998
Stand By Love31 Aug 1991

US SinglesFirst Charted
Don't You (Forget About Me)23 Feb 1985
Alive And Kicking19 Oct 1985
Sanctify Yourself25 Jan 1986
All The Things She Said05 Apr 1986
See The Lights18 May 1991
She's A River18 Feb 1995