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Siouxsie & The Banshees

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Arabian Knights01 Aug 1981
Dear Prudence01 Oct 1983
Dazzle02 Jun 1984
The Last Beat Of My Heart03 Dec 1988
Melt!04 Dec 1982
Il Est Ne Le Devin Enfant04 Dec 1982
Israel06 Dec 1980
O Baby07 Jan 1995
Playground Twist07 Jul 1979
Christine07 Jun 1980
Candyman08 Mar 1986
The Killing Jar08 Oct 1988
Slowdive09 Oct 1982
Shadowtime13 Jul 1991
Happy House15 Mar 1980
This Wheel's On Fire17 Jan 1987
Stargazer18 Feb 1995
Swimming Horses24 Mar 1984
Song From The Edge Of The World25 Jul 1987
Face To Face25 Jul 1992
Kiss Them For Me25 May 1991
Hong Kong Garden26 Aug 1978
Cities In Dust26 Oct 1985
The Thorn (EP)27 Oct 1984
The Passenger28 Mar 1987
Fireworks29 May 1982
Mittageisen (Metal Postcard)29 Sep 1979
Peek-A-Boo30 Jul 1988
Spellbound30 May 1981
The Staircase (Mystery)31 Mar 1979

US SinglesFirst Charted
Peek-A-Boo15 Oct 1988
Kiss Them For Me17 Aug 1991