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Billy Idol

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Mony Mony03 Oct 1987
To Be A Lover04 Oct 1986
Don't Need A Gun07 Mar 1987
Speed10 Sep 1994
L.A. Woman11 Aug 1990
Hot In The City11 Sep 1982
Catch My Fall13 Aug 1988
White Wedding13 Jul 1985
Sweet Sixteen13 Jun 1987
Rebel Yell14 Sep 1985
Hot In The City16 Jan 1988
Prodigal Blues22 Dec 1990
Rebel Yell24 Mar 1984
Shock To The System26 Jun 1993
Cradle Of Love28 Apr 1990
Flesh For Fantasy29 Sep 1984
Eyes Without A Face30 Jun 1984

US SinglesFirst Charted
Hot In The City03 Jul 1982
White Wedding21 May 1983
Rebel Yell28 Jan 1984
Eyes Without A Face05 May 1984
Flesh For Fantasy25 Aug 1984
Catch My Fall03 Nov 1984
To Be A Lover04 Oct 1986
Don't Need A Gun24 Jan 1987
Sweet Sixteen25 Apr 1987
Mony Mony "Live"05 Sep 1987
Hot In The City12 Dec 1987
Cradle Of Love05 May 1990
L.A. Woman08 Sep 1990