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The Bee Gees

UK SinglesFirst Charted
New York Mining Disaster 194127 Apr 1967
To Love Somebody12 Jul 1967
Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)20 Sep 1967
World22 Nov 1967
Words31 Jan 1968
The Singer Sang His Song27 Mar 1968
Jumbo27 Mar 1968
I've Gotta Get A Message To You07 Aug 1968
First Of May19 Feb 1969
Tomorrow Tomorrow04 Jun 1969
Don't Forget To Remember16 Aug 1969
I.O.I.O.28 Mar 1970
Lonely Days05 Dec 1970
My World29 Jan 1972
Run To Me22 Jul 1972
Jive Talkin'28 Jun 1975
You Should Be Dancing31 Jul 1976
Love So Right13 Nov 1976
How Deep Is Your Love29 Oct 1977
Stayin' Alive04 Feb 1978
Night Fever15 Apr 1978
Too Much Heaven25 Nov 1978
Tragedy17 Feb 1979
Love You Inside Out14 Apr 1979
Spirits (Having Flown)05 Jan 1980
Someone Belonging To Someone17 Sep 1983
You Win Again (Fade)26 Sep 1987
E.S.P. (Edit)12 Dec 1987
Ordinary Lives15 Apr 1989
One24 Jun 1989
Secret Love02 Mar 1991
Paying The Price Of Love21 Aug 1993
For Whom The Bell Tolls27 Nov 1993
How To Fall In Love, Part 116 Apr 1994
Alone01 Mar 1997
I Could Not Love You More21 Jun 1997
Still Waters (Run Deep)08 Nov 1997

US SinglesFirst Charted
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife Mr. Jones)27 May 1967
To Love Somebody15 Jul 1967
Holiday30 Sep 1967
(The Lights Went Out In) Massachusetts11 Nov 1967
Words20 Jan 1968
Jumbo06 Apr 1968
I've Gotta Get A Message To You17 Aug 1968
I Started A Joke21 Dec 1968
First Of May22 Mar 1969
Tomorrow, Tomorrow31 May 1969
Don't Forget To Remember20 Sep 1969
If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else28 Mar 1970
I.O.I.O11 Jul 1970
Lonely Days05 Dec 1970
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart26 Jun 1971
Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself23 Oct 1971
My World29 Jan 1972
Run To Me29 Jul 1972
Alive18 Nov 1972
Saw A New Morning24 Mar 1973
Mr. Natural09 Mar 1974
Jive Talkin'31 May 1975
Nights On Broadway04 Oct 1975
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)27 Dec 1975
You Should Be Dancing03 Jul 1976
Love So Right18 Sep 1976
Boogie Child15 Jan 1977
Edge Of The Universe23 Jul 1977
How Deep Is Your Love24 Sep 1977
Stayin' Alive10 Dec 1977
Night Fever04 Feb 1978
Too Much Heaven18 Nov 1978
Tragedy10 Feb 1979
Love You Inside Out21 Apr 1979
He's A Liar26 Sep 1981
Living Eyes07 Nov 1981
The Woman In You21 May 1983
Someone Belonging To Someone20 Aug 1983
You Win Again19 Sep 1987
One29 Jul 1989
Paying The Price Of Love23 Oct 1993
Alone07 Jun 1997
Still Waters (Run Deep)13 Dec 1997