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The Chi-Lites

UK SinglesFirst Charted
(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People28 Aug 1971
Have You Seen Her15 Jan 1972
Oh Girl27 May 1972
Homely Girl23 Mar 1974
I Found Sunshine20 Jul 1974
Too Good To Be Forgotten02 Nov 1974
Have You Seen Her21 Jun 1975
Oh Girl21 Jun 1975
It's Time For Love13 Sep 1975
You Don't Have To Go31 Jul 1976
Changing For You13 Aug 1983

US SinglesFirst Charted
Give It Away01 Mar 1969
Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was02 Aug 1969
I Like Your Loving15 Aug 1970
Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)19 Dec 1970
(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People10 Apr 1971
We Are Neighbors24 Jul 1971
Have You Seen Her23 Oct 1971
I Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me)06 Nov 1971
Oh Girl08 Apr 1972
The Coldest Days Of My Life (Part 1)15 Jul 1972
The Man And The Woman (The Boy And The Girl)30 Sep 1972
A Lonely Man30 Sep 1972
We Need Order02 Dec 1972
A Letter To Myself10 Feb 1973
My Heart Just Keeps On Breakin'09 Jun 1973
Stoned Out Of My Mind04 Aug 1973
I Found Sunshine17 Nov 1973
Homely Girl09 Feb 1974
There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated At the Conference Table)15 Jun 1974
You Got To Be The One31 Aug 1974
That's How Long01 Mar 1975
Toby01 Mar 1975
It's Time For Love08 Nov 1975