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The Clash

UK SinglesFirst Charted
White Riot02 Apr 1977
Complete Control08 Oct 1977
Clash City Rockers04 Mar 1978
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais24 Jun 1978
Tommy Gun02 Dec 1978
English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)03 Mar 1979
The Cost Of Living (EP)19 May 1979
London Calling15 Dec 1979
Bankrobber09 Aug 1980
The Call Up06 Dec 1980
Hitsville U.K.24 Jan 1981
The Magnificent Seven25 Apr 1981
This Is Radio Clash28 Nov 1981
Know Your Rights01 May 1982
Rock The Casbah26 Jun 1982
Should I Stay Or Should I Go25 Sep 1982
Straight To Hell (Edit)25 Sep 1982
This Is England12 Oct 1985
I Fought The Law12 Mar 1988
London Calling07 May 1988
Return To Brixton21 Jul 1990
Should I Stay Or Should I Go02 Mar 1991
Rock The Casbah13 Apr 1991
London Calling08 Jun 1991

US SinglesFirst Charted
Train In Vain (Stand By Me)22 Mar 1980
Should I Stay Or Should I Go17 Jul 1982
Rock The Casbah02 Oct 1982
Should I Stay Or Should I Go19 Feb 1983