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The Dells

UK SinglesFirst Charted
I Can Sing A Rainbow-Love Is Blue16 Jul 1969

US SinglesFirst Charted
The (Bossa Nova) Bird22 Dec 1962
O-O, I Love You04 Nov 1967
There Is20 Jan 1968
Wear It On Our Face13 Apr 1968
Stay In My Corner29 Jun 1968
Always Together12 Oct 1968
Does Anybody Know I'm Here28 Dec 1968
Hallways Of My Mind08 Mar 1969
I Can't Do Enough12 Apr 1969
I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue24 May 1969
Oh, What A Night16 Aug 1969
On The Dock Of The Bay01 Nov 1969
Oh What A Day24 Jan 1970
Open Up My Heart18 Apr 1970
Nadine09 May 1970
Long Lonely Nights18 Jul 1970
The Glory Of Love06 Feb 1971
The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)14 Aug 1971
It's All Up To You26 Feb 1972
Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation21 Apr 1973
My Pretending Days Are Over06 Oct 1973
I Miss You19 Jan 1974
I Wish It Was Me You Loved06 Jul 1974
Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday26 Oct 1974