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The Doobie Brothers

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Listen To The Music09 Mar 1974
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)07 Jun 1975
What A Fool Believes17 Feb 1979
Minute By Minute14 Jul 1979
The Doctor29 Jul 1989
Long Train Runnin'27 Nov 1993
Listen To The Music14 May 1994

US SinglesFirst Charted
Listen To The Music02 Sep 1972
Jesus Is Just Alright16 Dec 1972
Long Train Runnin'21 Apr 1973
China Grove18 Aug 1973
Another Park, Another Sunday20 Apr 1974
Eyes Of Silver27 Jul 1974
Nobody02 Nov 1974
Black Water21 Dec 1974
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)03 May 1975
Sweet Maxine02 Aug 1975
I Cheat The Hangman27 Dec 1975
Takin' It To The Streets17 Apr 1976
Wheels Of Fortune28 Aug 1976
It Keeps You Runnin'13 Nov 1976
Little Darling (I Need You)30 Jul 1977
Echoes Of Love08 Oct 1977
What A Fool Believes20 Jan 1979
Minute By Minute05 May 1979
Dependin' On You11 Aug 1979
Real Love06 Sep 1980
One Step Closer22 Nov 1980
Wynken Blynken And Nod24 Jan 1981
Keep This Train A-Rollin'14 Feb 1981
Here To Love You06 Feb 1982
You Belong To Me30 Jul 1983
The Doctor20 May 1989
Need A Little Taste Of Love12 Aug 1989