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The Stranglers

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Don't Bring Harry (EP)01 Dec 1979
No Mercy01 Dec 1984
5 Minutes04 Feb 1978
Paradise06 Aug 1983
Nice N' Sleazy06 May 1978
Skin Deep06 Oct 1984
Who Wants The World?07 Jun 1980
Shakin' Like A Leaf07 Mar 1987
European Female08 Jan 1983
Golden Brown09 Jan 1982
All Day And All Of The Night09 Jan 1988
Go Buddy Go11 Jun 1977
Walk On By12 Aug 1978
Straighten Out13 Aug 1977
Big In America13 Dec 1986
Let Me Introduce You To The Family14 Nov 1981
Let Me Down Easy16 Feb 1985
Duchess18 Aug 1979
Always The Sun18 Oct 1986
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)19 Feb 1977
Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus)20 Oct 1979
Peaches21 May 1977
Bear Cage22 Mar 1980
Nice In Nice23 Aug 1986
La Folie24 Apr 1982
Strange Little Girl24 Jul 1982
No More Heroes24 Sep 1977
Midnight Summer Dream26 Feb 1983
Grip '89 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)28 Jan 1989
Something Better Change30 Jul 1977
Thrown Away31 Jan 1981