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The The

UK SinglesFirst Charted
The Beat(en) Generation01 Apr 1989
Shades Of Blue (EP)02 Mar 1991
Uncertain Smile04 Dec 1982
I Saw The Light04 Feb 1995
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) (Radio Edit)07 Oct 1989
Heartland09 Aug 1986
Dis-Infected (EP)15 Jan 1994
Dogs Of Lust16 Jan 1993
Slow Emotion Replay17 Apr 1993
This Is The Day17 Sep 1983
Love Is Stronger Than Death19 Jun 1993
Gravitate To Me (Little Version)22 Jul 1989
Sweet Bird Of Truth23 May 1987
Slow Train To Dawn24 Jan 1987
Infected25 Oct 1986