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The Who

UK SinglesFirst Charted
I Can't Explain18 Feb 1965
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere27 May 1965
My Generation04 Nov 1965
Substitute10 Mar 1966
A Legal Matter24 Mar 1966
I'm A Boy01 Sep 1966
The Kids Are Alright01 Sep 1966
Ready Steady Who (EP)19 Nov 1966
Happy Jack15 Dec 1966
Pictures Of Lily27 Apr 1967
The Last Time26 Jul 1967
Under My Thumb26 Jul 1967
I Can See For Miles18 Oct 1967
Dogs19 Jun 1968
Magic Bus23 Oct 1968
Pinball Wizard19 Mar 1969
The Seeker04 Apr 1970
Summertime Blues08 Aug 1970
Won't Get Fooled Again10 Jul 1971
Let's See Action23 Oct 1971
Join Together24 Jun 1972
Relay13 Jan 1973
5.1513 Oct 1973
Squeeze Box24 Jan 1976
Substitute30 Oct 1976
Who Are You22 Jul 1978
Long Live Rock28 Apr 1979
You Better You Bet07 Mar 1981
Don't Let Go The Coat09 May 1981
Athena02 Oct 1982
Ready Steady Who (EP)26 Nov 1983
My Generation20 Feb 1988
My Generation27 Jul 1996

US SinglesFirst Charted
I Can't Explain27 Mar 1965
My Generation15 Jan 1966
Happy Jack15 Apr 1967
Pictures Of Lily01 Jul 1967
I Can See For Miles14 Oct 1967
Call Me Lightning30 Mar 1968
Magic Bus10 Aug 1968
Pinball Wizard05 Apr 1969
I'm Free19 Jul 1969
The Seeker18 Apr 1970
Summertime Blues11 Jul 1970
See Me, Feel Me26 Sep 1970
Won't Get Fooled Again17 Jul 1971
Behind Blue Eyes06 Nov 1971
Join Together22 Jul 1972
The Relay09 Dec 1972
Love, Reign O'er Me01 Dec 1973
The Real Me02 Feb 1974
Squeeze Box29 Nov 1975
Who Are You26 Aug 1978
Long Live Rock30 Jun 1979
5:1529 Sep 1979
You Better, You Bet21 Mar 1981
Don't Let Go The Coat27 Jun 1981
Athena04 Sep 1982
Eminence Front25 Dec 1982