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Tom Jones

UK SinglesFirst Charted
It's Not Unusual11 Feb 1965
Once Upon A Time06 May 1965
With These Hands08 Jul 1965
What's New Pussycat?12 Aug 1965
Thunderball13 Jan 1966
Not Responsible19 May 1966
Once There Was A Time19 May 1966
This And That18 Aug 1966
Green, Green Grass Of Home10 Nov 1966
Detroit City16 Feb 1967
Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings13 Apr 1967
I'll Never Fall In Love Again26 Jul 1967
I'm Coming Home22 Nov 1967
Delilah28 Feb 1968
Help Yourself17 Jul 1968
A Minute Of Your Time27 Nov 1968
Love Me Tonight14 May 1969
Without Love13 Dec 1969
Daughter Of Darkness18 Apr 1970
I (Who Have Nothing)15 Aug 1970
She's A Lady16 Jan 1971
Puppet Man05 Jun 1971
Till23 Oct 1971
The Young New Mexican Puppeteer01 Apr 1972
Letter To Lucille14 Apr 1973
Something 'Bout You Baby I Like07 Sep 1974
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow16 Apr 1977
A Boy From Nowhere18 Apr 1987
It's Not Unusual30 May 1987
I Was Born To Be Me02 Jan 1988
Move Closer29 Apr 1989
Couldn't Say Goodbye26 Jan 1991
Carrying A Torch16 Mar 1991
Delilah04 Jul 1992
All You Need Is Love06 Feb 1993
If I Only Knew05 Nov 1994

US SinglesFirst Charted
It's Not Unusual10 Apr 1965
Little Lonely One29 May 1965
What's New Pussycat19 Jun 1965
With These Hands28 Aug 1965
Thunderball11 Dec 1965
Promise Her Anything19 Feb 1966
Not Responsible18 Jun 1966
Green, Green Grass Of Home24 Dec 1966
Detroit City11 Mar 1967
Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings20 May 1967
Sixteen Tons12 Aug 1967
I'll Never Fall In Love Again09 Sep 1967
I'm Coming Home30 Dec 1967
Delilah16 Mar 1968
Help Yourself31 Aug 1968
A Minute Of Your Time21 Dec 1968
Love Me Tonight24 May 1969
I'll Never Fall In Love Again26 Jul 1969
Without Love (There Is Nothing)27 Dec 1969
Daughter Of Darkness02 May 1970
I (Who Have Nothing)22 Aug 1970
Can't Stop Loving You21 Nov 1970
She's A Lady06 Feb 1971
Puppet Man22 May 1971
Resurrection Shuffle17 Jul 1971
Till30 Oct 1971
The Young New Mexican Puppeteer29 Apr 1972
Letter To Lucille12 May 1973
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow08 Jan 1977