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Tommy Steele

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Butterfingers03 May 1957
Little White Bull04 Dec 1959
Nairobi07 Mar 1958
Happy-Go-Lucky Blues08 Oct 1960
Tallahassee Lassie14 Aug 1959
Singing The Blues14 Dec 1956
Come On Let's Go14 Nov 1958
Knee Deep In The Blues15 Feb 1957
Water, Water16 Aug 1957
Plant A Kiss16 Nov 1957
The Writing On The Wall17 Aug 1961
The Only Man On The Island18 Jul 1958
Princess19 Apr 1958
Hey, You!22 Nov 1957
A Handful Of Songs23 Aug 1957
What A Mouth (What A North And South)23 Jun 1960
Happy Guitar25 Apr 1958
Rock With The Caveman26 Oct 1956
Give! Give! Give!28 Aug 1959
Must Be Santa29 Dec 1960
Shiralee30 Aug 1957