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Winifred Atwell

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Let's Have A Party04 Dec 1953
Let's Have A Ding Dong04 Nov 1955
Let's Have A Ball06 Dec 1957
The Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll07 Aug 1959
Britannia Rag12 Dec 1952
Coronation Rag15 May 1953
The Poor People Of Paris16 Mar 1956
Port-Au-Prince18 May 1956
The Left Bank (C'Est A Hambourg)20 Jul 1956
The Charleston21 May 1954
Let's Rock 'n' Roll22 Feb 1957
The Story Of Three Loves23 Jul 1954
Flirtation Waltz25 Sep 1953
Let's Have Another Party26 Nov 1954
Make It A Party26 Oct 1956
Piano Party27 Nov 1959