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ZZ Top

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Pincushion29 Jan 1994
Breakaway07 May 1994
Sharp Dressed Man26 Nov 1983
Gimme All Your Lovin' (Edit)03 Sep 1983
Gimme All Your Lovin' (Edit)06 Oct 1984
TV Dinners31 Mar 1984
Legs (Special U.S. Remix)23 Feb 1985
Sharp Dressed Man15 Dec 1984
Sleeping Bag19 Oct 1985
The ZZ Top Summer Holiday (EP)13 Jul 1985
Velcro Fly ('86 Remix)04 Oct 1986
Rough Boy19 Apr 1986
What’s Up With That29 Jun 1996
Stages15 Feb 1986
Doubleback21 Jul 1990
My Head's In Mississippi13 Apr 1991
Viva Las Vegas11 Apr 1992
Rough Boy20 Jun 1992

US SinglesFirst Charted
Arrested For Driving While Blind26 Mar 1977
It's Only Love11 Sep 1976
Tush19 Jul 1975
La Grange30 Mar 1974
Sleeping Bag19 Oct 1985
Francene20 May 1972
Legs19 May 1984
Gimme All Your Lovin02 Apr 1983
Sharp Dressed Man23 Jul 1983
Give It Up09 Feb 1991
Doubleback19 May 1990
Leila03 Oct 1981
I Thank You19 Jan 1980
Cheap Sunglasses12 Jul 1980
Stages18 Jan 1986
Rough Boy29 Mar 1986
Velcro Fly26 Jul 1986