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Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
One in a Million

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Back And Forth02 Jul 1994
The Thing I Like09 Sep 1995
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number11 Mar 1995
Are You That Somebody?12 Sep 1998
Down With The Clique13 May 1995
(At Your Best) You Are Love15 Oct 1994
Journey To The Past18 Apr 1998
The One I Gave My Heart To22 Nov 1997
Hot Like Fire22 Nov 1997
If Your Girl Only Knew24 Aug 1996
If Your Girl Only Knew24 May 1997
One In A Million24 May 1997
4 Page Letter30 Aug 1997

US SinglesFirst Charted
Back And Forth30 Apr 1994
At Your Best (You Are Love)03 Sep 1994
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number14 Jan 1995
If Your Girl Only Knew31 Aug 1996
The One I Gave My Heart To04 Oct 1997
Are You That Somebody?05 Dec 1998
I Don't Wanna29 Jan 2000
Try Again18 Mar 2000
We Need A Resolution02 Jun 2001
Rock The Boat08 Sep 2001
More Than A Woman02 Feb 2002
I Care 4 U24 Aug 2002
Miss You30 Nov 2002
Come Over14 Jun 2003