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UK SinglesFirst Charted
Beetlebum01 Feb 1997
For Tomorrow01 May 1993
Parklife03 Sep 1994
Tender06 Mar 1999
Bang10 Aug 1991
Chemical World10 Jul 1993
Coffee + TV10 Jul 1999
Popscene11 Apr 1992
To The End11 Jun 1994
Charmless Man11 May 1996
Sunday Sunday16 Oct 1993
Song 219 Apr 1997
Girls And Boys19 Mar 1994
End Of A Century19 Nov 1994
Stereotypes24 Feb 1996
The Universal25 Nov 1995
Country House26 Aug 1995
There's No Other Way27 Apr 1991
No Distance Left To Run27 Nov 1999
She's So High27 Oct 1990
Mor27 Sep 1997
On Your Own28 Jun 1997

US SinglesFirst Charted
There's No Other Way11 Jan 1992
Girls & Boys25 Jun 1994