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Kevin Godley
Graham Gouldman
Lol Creme
Eric Stewart

Sheet Music
The Original Soundtrack
How Dare You!
Deceptive Bends
Live and Let Live
Bloody Tourists
Greatest Hits
Look Hear!
Ten Out of 10
Windows in the Jungle
Mirror Mirror

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Run Away07 Aug 1982
I'm Not In Love18 Mar 1995
Donna23 Sep 1972
Rubber Bullets19 May 1973
The Dean And I25 Aug 1973
The Wall Street Shuffle15 Jun 1974
Silly Love14 Sep 1974
I'm Not In Love31 May 1975
Life Is A Minestrone05 Apr 1975
Art For Art's Sake29 Nov 1975
I'm Mandy Fly Me20 Mar 1976
Good Morning Judge16 Apr 1977
The Things We Do For Love11 Dec 1976
Dreadlock Holiday12 Aug 1978

US SinglesFirst Charted
Good Morning Judge06 Aug 1977
I'm Mandy Fly Me10 Apr 1976
I'm Not In Love17 May 1975
Art For Art's Sake29 Nov 1975
Rubber Bullets15 Sep 1973
For You And I03 Feb 1979
Dreadlock Holiday30 Sep 1978
The Things We Do For Love08 Jan 1977
People In Love21 May 1977