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Al Martino

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Spanish Eyes22 Aug 1970
Spanish Eyes14 Jul 1973
Here In My Heart14 Nov 1952
Take My Heart21 Nov 1952
Now30 Jan 1953
Rachel10 Jul 1953
Wanted04 Jun 1954
The Story Of Tina01 Oct 1954
The Man From Laramie23 Sep 1955
Summertime31 Mar 1960
I Love You Because29 Aug 1963

US SinglesFirst Charted
Spanish Eyes04 Dec 1965
Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep12 Mar 1966
To The Door Of The Sun (Alle Porte Del Sole)21 Dec 1974
Volare01 Nov 1975
Wiederseh'n28 May 1966
The Wheel Of Hurt15 Oct 1966
Just Yesterday06 Aug 1966
My Heart Would Know16 Jan 1965
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place27 Mar 1965
Forgive Me16 Oct 1965
My Cherie12 Jun 1965
I Love You More And More Every Day01 Feb 1964
Tears And Roses16 May 1964
Always Together15 Aug 1964
We Could07 Nov 1964
I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart15 Aug 1964
I Love You Because06 Apr 1963
Speak Softly Love29 Apr 1972
When You're Mine11 Jul 1953
Rachel28 Feb 1953
Here in My Heart17 May 1952
Take My Heart28 Jun 1952
Painted, Tainted Rose27 Jul 1963
Living A Lie26 Oct 1963
Can't Help Falling In Love07 Feb 1970
Here In My Heart24 Jul 1961
I Started Loving You Again06 Dec 1969
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)28 Dec 1968
Sausalito17 May 1969
Love Is Blue10 Feb 1968
A Voice In The Choir09 Dec 1967
Lili Marlene27 Apr 1968
The Next Hundred Years10 Dec 1977
I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart18 May 1959
Darling, I Love You28 Sep 1959
Mary In The Morning27 May 1967
Daddy's Little Girl28 Jan 1967
More Than The Eye Can See23 Sep 1967