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Connie Francis

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Who's Sorry Now04 Apr 1958
Carolina Moon22 Aug 1958
Stupid Cupid22 Aug 1958
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry27 Jun 1958
I'll Get By31 Oct 1958
Fallin'21 Nov 1958
Lipstick On Your Collar03 Jul 1959
My Happiness13 Feb 1959
You Always Hurt The One You Love26 Dec 1958
Plenty Good Lovin'11 Sep 1959
Mama19 May 1960
Robot Man19 May 1960
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own03 Nov 1960
Everybody's Somebody's Fool18 Aug 1960
Among My Souvenirs04 Dec 1959
Valentino17 Mar 1960
Where The Boys Are16 Mar 1961
Baby Roo16 Mar 1961
Together14 Sep 1961
Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart15 Jun 1961
Many Tears Ago12 Jan 1961
Baby's First Christmas14 Dec 1961
Vacation02 Aug 1962
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You26 Apr 1962
I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter20 Dec 1962
My Child10 Jun 1965
Jealous Heart20 Jan 1966

US SinglesFirst Charted
Who's Sorry Now15 Feb 1958
Stupid Cupid19 Jul 1958
Fallin'13 Oct 1958
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry31 May 1958
Time Alone Will Tell15 Apr 1967
Love Is Me, Love Is You19 Mar 1966
Spanish Nights And You05 Nov 1966
Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight23 Jan 1965
Jealous Heart27 Nov 1965
For Mama (La Mamma)06 Mar 1965
Wishing It Was You01 May 1965
Forget Domani26 Jun 1965
Roundabout11 Sep 1965
Blue Winter15 Feb 1964
Be Anything (But Be Mine)09 May 1964
Don't Ever Leave Me24 Oct 1964
Looking For Love18 Jul 1964
In The Summer Of His Years28 Dec 1963
Follow The Boys02 Mar 1963
I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter15 Dec 1962
If My Pillow Could Talk18 May 1963
Your Other Love19 Oct 1963
Drownin' My Sorrows10 Aug 1963
Al Di La05 Jan 1963
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You10 Feb 1962
Second Hand Love12 May 1962
Vacation28 Jul 1962
When The Boy In Your Arms (Is The Boy In Your Heart)20 Nov 1961
I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In Love With You)06 Oct 1962
He Thinks I Still Care06 Oct 1962
Where The Boys Are16 Jan 1961
Together26 Jun 1961
Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart17 Apr 1961
(He's My) Dreamboat25 Sep 1961
Baby's First Christmas11 Dec 1961
No One16 Jan 1961
Hollywood25 Sep 1961
Too Many Rules17 Jul 1961
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own15 Aug 1960
Everybody's Somebody's Fool09 May 1960
Many Tears Ago07 Nov 1960
Mama22 Feb 1960
Teddy29 Feb 1960
Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)23 May 1960
Malaguena22 Aug 1960
The Wedding Cake08 Mar 1969
Senza Mamma (With No One)07 Nov 1960
My Happiness08 Dec 1958
Lipstick On Your Collar18 May 1959
Among My Souvenirs23 Nov 1959
Frankie18 May 1959
If I Didn't Care02 Mar 1959
You're Gonna Miss Me31 Aug 1959
God Bless America16 Nov 1959
Plenty Good Lovin'21 Sep 1959