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David Whitfield

UK SinglesFirst Charted
My September Love02 Mar 1956
If I Lost You02 Mar 1957
The Bridge Of Sighs02 Oct 1953
I'll Find You05 Apr 1957
The Right To Love08 Aug 1958
Ev'rywhere08 Jul 1955
Rags To Riches11 Dec 1953
Beyond The Stars11 Feb 1955
Santo Natale (Merry Christmas)12 Nov 1954
Cry My Heart14 Feb 1958
On The Street Where You Live16 May 1958
Answer Me16 Oct 1953
The Rudder And The Rock17 Mar 1956
Cara Mia18 Jun 1954
The Book19 Feb 1954
My Son John24 Aug 1956
I Believe24 Nov 1960
The Adoration Waltz25 Jan 1957
When You Lose The One You Love25 Nov 1955
Smile27 Aug 1954
Mama27 May 1955
My Unfinished Symphony31 Aug 1956

US SinglesFirst Charted
Santo Natale
Smile11 Sep 1954
When You Lose The One You Love04 Feb 1956