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Mariah Carey

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Without You19 Feb 1994
All I Want For Christmas Is You10 Dec 1994
Anytime You Need A Friend18 Jun 1994
Fantasy23 Sep 1995
Always Be My Baby22 Jun 1996
Open Arms17 Feb 1996
Honey06 Sep 1997
Butterfly13 Dec 1997
My All13 Jun 1998
Heartbreaker06 Nov 1999
I Still Believe10 Apr 1999
Vision Of Love04 Aug 1990
Love Takes Time10 Nov 1990
Emotions05 Oct 1991
Someday26 Jan 1991
There's Got To Be A Way01 Jun 1991
I'll Be There27 Jun 1992
Make It Happen18 Apr 1992
Can't Let Go11 Jan 1992
Hero06 Nov 1993
Dreamlover21 Aug 1993

US SinglesFirst Charted
Say Somethin'29 Apr 2006
We Belong Together16 Apr 2005
Don't Forget About Us22 Oct 2005
Shake It Off30 Jul 2005
It's Like That29 Jan 2005
Through The Rain28 Dec 2002
Loverboy23 Jun 2001
Honey13 Sep 1997
Never Too Far/Hero (Medley)29 Dec 2001
Thank God I Found You11 Dec 1999
Crybaby24 Jun 2000
Heartbreaker04 Sep 1999
I Still Believe06 Feb 1999
Always Be My Baby06 Apr 1996
One Sweet Day02 Dec 1995
Fantasy30 Sep 1995
Without You29 Jan 1994
Never Forget You29 Jan 1994
Anytime You Need A Friend28 May 1994
Dreamlover07 Aug 1993
Hero23 Oct 1993
I'll Be There (Live-Unplugged)30 May 1992
Can't Let Go16 Nov 1991
Make It Happen22 Feb 1992
Emotions31 Aug 1991
I Don't Wanna Cry06 Apr 1991
Someday19 Jan 1991
Vision Of Love02 Jun 1990
Love Takes Time15 Sep 1990
All I Want For Christmas Is You08 Jan 2000
My All09 May 1998
Obsessed25 Jul 2009
I Want To Know What Love Is03 Oct 2009
Touch My Body01 Mar 2008
Bye Bye03 May 2008
I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time26 Jul 2008
Migrate03 May 2008