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UK SinglesFirst Charted
Until It Sleeps01 Jun 1996
Nothing Else Matters02 May 1992
Harvester Of Sorrow03 Sep 1988
Fuel04 Jul 1998
Mama Said07 Dec 1996
The Unforgiven Ii07 Mar 1998
The Unforgiven09 Nov 1991
Enter Sandman10 Aug 1991
Sad But True20 Feb 1993
One22 Apr 1989
The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-visited (EP)22 Aug 1987
The Memory Remains22 Nov 1997
Whiskey In The Jar27 Feb 1999
Hero Of The Day28 Sep 1996
Wherever I May Roam31 Oct 1992

US SinglesFirst Charted
One18 Feb 1989
Enter Sandman24 Aug 1991
The Unforgiven07 Dec 1991
Nothing Else Matters28 Mar 1992
Wherever I May Roam18 Jul 1992
Sad But True31 Oct 1992
Until It Sleeps08 Jun 1996
Hero Of The Day09 Nov 1996
King Nothing01 Mar 1997
The Memory Remains29 Nov 1997
The Unforgiven II04 Apr 1998
No Leaf Clover (Live)12 Feb 2000
I Disappear13 May 2000
The Day That Never Comes06 Sep 2008
My Apocalypse13 Sep 2008
Cyanide20 Sep 2008