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UK SinglesFirst Charted
Supersonic23 Apr 1994
Shakermaker02 Jul 1994
Live Forever20 Aug 1994
Cigarettes And Alcohol22 Oct 1994
Whatever31 Dec 1994
Some Might Say06 May 1995
Some Might Say13 May 1995
Cigarettes And Alcohol24 Jun 1995
Shakermaker24 Jun 1995
Live Forever24 Jun 1995
Supersonic24 Jun 1995
Roll With It26 Aug 1995
Wonderwall11 Nov 1995
Wibbling Rivalry (Interviews With Noel And Liam Gallagher)25 Nov 1995
Whatever09 Dec 1995
Supersonic30 Dec 1995
Cigarettes And Alcohol30 Dec 1995
Shakermaker06 Jan 1996
Live Forever06 Jan 1996
Some Might Say06 Jan 1996
Roll With It06 Jan 1996
Don't Look Back In Anger02 Mar 1996
Wonderwall24 Aug 1996
Some Might Say28 Dec 1996
Live Forever28 Dec 1996
Shakermaker04 Jan 1997
Roll With It04 Jan 1997
Supersonic04 Jan 1997
D'You Know What I Mean?19 Jul 1997
Stand By Me04 Oct 1997
All Around The World24 Jan 1998

US SinglesFirst Charted
Wonderwall27 Jan 1996
Don't Look Back In Anger17 Aug 1996
The Shock Of The Lightning25 Oct 2008