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Doris Day

UK SinglesFirst Charted
My Love And Devotion21 Nov 1952
Secret Love02 Apr 1954
Black Hills Of Dakota27 Aug 1954
If I Give My Heart To You01 Oct 1954
Ready, Willing And Able08 Apr 1955
Love Me Or Leave Me09 Sep 1955
I'll Never Stop Loving You21 Oct 1955
Whatever Will Be, Will Be29 Jun 1956
A Very Precious Love13 Jun 1958
Everybody Loves A Lover15 Aug 1958
Move Over Darling12 Mar 1964
Move Over Darling18 Apr 1987

US SinglesFirst Charted
A Guy is a Guy15 Mar 1952
When I Fall In Love02 Aug 1952
Mister Tap Toe17 Jan 1953
When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along25 Apr 1953
Kiss Me Again, Stranger15 Aug 1953
A Purple Cow29 Aug 1953
Choo Choo Train Ch-Ch-Foo)26 Sep 1953
Secret Love09 Jan 1954
I Speak to the Stars24 Apr 1954
If I Give My Heart To You11 Sep 1954
Anyone Can Fall in Love02 Oct 1954
I'll Never Stop Loving You23 Jul 1955
Ooh Bang Jiggilly Jang26 Nov 1955
Let It Ring07 Jan 1956
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)23 Jun 1956
Love In A Home20 Oct 1956
Julie20 Oct 1956
The Party's Over12 Dec 1956
Twelve O'Clock Tonight10 Apr 1957
Teacher's Pet21 Apr 1958
Everybody Loves A Lover12 Jul 1958
Tunnel Of Love27 Oct 1958
Love Me In The Daytime11 May 1959
Anyway The Wind Blows22 Feb 1960
Lover Come Back07 Apr 1962