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Pearl Jam

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Daughter01 Jan 1994
Last Kiss14 Aug 1999
Alive15 Feb 1992
Merkinball16 Dec 1995
Who You Are17 Aug 1996
Even Flow18 Apr 1992
Wishlist23 May 1998
Not For You25 Feb 1995
Spin The Black Circle26 Nov 1994
Jeremy26 Sep 1992
Dissident28 May 1994
Given To Fly31 Jan 1998

US SinglesFirst Charted
Tremor Christ19 Nov 1994
Spin The Black Circle19 Nov 1994
Jeremy12 Aug 1995
Yellow Ledbetter12 Aug 1995
I Got Id23 Dec 1995
Long Road23 Dec 1995
Daughter03 Feb 1996
Yellow Ledbetter03 Feb 1996
Who You Are17 Aug 1996
Given To Fly24 Jan 1998
Wishlist23 May 1998
Last Kiss29 May 1999
Nothing As It Seems13 May 2000
I Am Mine12 Oct 2002
World Wide Suicide01 Apr 2006
The Fixer12 Sep 2009