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UK SinglesFirst Charted
Fallen Angel05 Nov 1988
Nothin' But A Good Time07 May 1988
Every Rose Has Its Thorn11 Feb 1989
Stand13 Feb 1993
Talk Dirty To Me23 May 1987
So Tell Me Why23 Nov 1991
Nothin' But A Good Time23 Sep 1989
Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)24 Apr 1993
Something To Believe In27 Oct 1990
Your Mama Don't Dance29 Apr 1989
Unskinny Bop30 Jun 1990

US SinglesFirst Charted
Talk Dirty To Me14 Mar 1987
I Want Action13 Jun 1987
I Won't Forget You05 Sep 1987
Nothin' But A Good Time23 Apr 1988
Fallen Angel30 Jul 1988
Every Rose Has Its Thorn29 Oct 1988
Your Mama Don't Dance18 Feb 1989
Unskinny Bop07 Jul 1990
Something To Believe In06 Oct 1990
Ride The Wind02 Feb 1991
Life Goes On04 May 1991
Stand30 Jan 1993