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Eddie Fisher

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Outside Of Heaven02 Jan 1953
Everything I Have Is Yours23 Jan 1953
Downhearted01 May 1953
I'm Walking Behind You22 May 1953
Wish You Were Here06 Nov 1953
Oh My Papa (Oh Mein Papa)22 Jan 1954
I Need You Now29 Oct 1954
(I'm Always Hearing) Wedding Bells18 Mar 1955
Cindy, Oh Cindy23 Nov 1956

US SinglesFirst Charted
Any Time08 Dec 1951
Tell Me Why05 Jan 1952
Everything I Have Is Yours22 Jan 1952
Trust In Me02 Feb 1952
Forgive Me22 Mar 1952
That's the Chance You Take05 Apr 1952
I'm Yours03 May 1952
I Remember When14 Jun 1952
Just A Little Lovin'14 Jun 1952
Wish You Were Here19 Jul 1952
The Hand of Fate26 Jul 1952
Lady of Spain27 Sep 1952
Outside of Heaven04 Oct 1952
Christmas Day27 Dec 1952
You're All I Want for Christmas03 Jan 1953
Even Now17 Jan 1953
Downhearted07 Feb 1953
I'm Walking Behind You09 May 1953
Just Another Polka30 May 1953
With These Hands11 Jul 1953
Many Times10 Oct 1953
Just to Be with You24 Oct 1953
Oh! My Pa-pa12 Dec 1953
A Girl A Girl (Zoom-Ba Di Alli Nella)27 Mar 1954
Anema e Core (With All My Heart and Soul)10 Apr 1954
Green Years12 Jun 1954
My Friend12 Jun 1954
Heaven Was Never Like This28 Aug 1954
I Need You Now04 Sep 1954
Count Your Blessings30 Oct 1954
Fanny20 Nov 1954
A Man Chases A Girl (Until She Catches Him)05 Mar 1955
(I'm Always Hearing) Wedding Bells02 Apr 1955
Heart14 May 1955
Song Of The Dreamer27 Aug 1955
Don't Stay Away Too Long27 Aug 1955
Magic Fingers12 Nov 1955
I Wanna Go Where You Go, Do What You Do (Then I'll Be Happy)12 Nov 1955
Everybody's Got A Home But Me17 Dec 1955
Dungaree Doll17 Dec 1955
Without You07 Apr 1956
No Other One14 Apr 1956
Sweet Heartaches02 Jun 1956
On The Street Where You Live09 Jun 1956
Oh My Maria08 Sep 1956
Cindy, Oh Cindy20 Oct 1956
Some Day Soon16 Jan 1957
Tonight My Heart Will Be Crying10 Apr 1957
Sunshine Girl05 Jun 1957
Tonight06 Nov 1961
Games That Lovers Play29 Oct 1966
People Like You11 Feb 1967
How Do You Speak To An Angel?14 Mar 2005