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Eddy Arnold

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Make The World Go Away17 Feb 1966
I Want To Go With You26 May 1966
If You Were Mine Mary28 Jul 1966

US SinglesFirst Charted
The Cattle Call19 Nov 1955
The Richest Man (In The World)10 Dec 1955
I Wouldn't Know Where To Begin24 Nov 1956
Mutual Admiration Society01 Dec 1956
Gonna Find Me A Bluebird29 May 1957
Chip Off The Old Block09 Mar 1959
Tennessee Stud13 Jul 1959
Does He Mean That Much To You22 Dec 1962
What's He Doing In My World15 May 1965
Make The World Go Away16 Oct 1965
I Want To Go With You05 Feb 1966
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me14 May 1966
The Tip Of My Fingers23 Jul 1966
Somebody Like Me15 Oct 1966
Lonely Again18 Mar 1967
Misty Blue06 May 1967
Turn The World Around19 Aug 1967
Here Comes Heaven02 Dec 1967
Here Comes The Rain, Baby10 Feb 1968
It's Over18 May 1968
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye07 Sep 1968
They Don't Make Love Like They Used To07 Dec 1968