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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Heartbreak Hotel11 May 1956
Blue Suede Shoes25 May 1956
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You20 Jul 1956
Hound Dog21 Sep 1956
Don't Be Cruel03 Nov 1956
Blue Moon16 Nov 1956
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine23 Nov 1956
Love Me Tender07 Dec 1956
Mystery Train15 Feb 1957
Rip It Up08 Mar 1957
Too Much10 May 1957
All Shook Up14 Jun 1957
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear12 Jul 1957
Paralyzed30 Aug 1957
Party04 Oct 1957
Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do18 Oct 1957
Loving You01 Nov 1957
Tryin' To Get To You01 Nov 1957
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy08 Nov 1957
Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)15 Nov 1957
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone17 Jan 1958
Jailhouse Rock24 Jan 1958
Jailhouse Rock (EP)31 Jan 1958
Don't28 Feb 1958
I Beg Of You01 Mar 1958
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck02 May 1958
Hard Headed Woman25 Jul 1958
King Creole03 Oct 1958
One Night23 Jan 1959
I Got Stung23 Jan 1959
A Fool Such As I24 Apr 1959
I Need Your Love Tonight24 Apr 1959
A Big Hunk O' Love24 Jul 1959
Strictly Elvis (EP)12 Feb 1960
Stuck On You07 Apr 1960
Elvis Is Back (LP)16 Jul 1960
A Mess Of Blues28 Jul 1960
The Girl Of My Best Friend30 Jul 1960
It's Now Or Never03 Nov 1960
G.I. Blues (LP)10 Dec 1960
Are You Lonesome Tonight?19 Jan 1961
Wooden Heart09 Mar 1961
Surrender25 May 1961
I Feel So Bad07 Sep 1961
Wild In The Country07 Sep 1961
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame02 Nov 1961
Little Sister02 Nov 1961
Rock-A-Hula Baby (''Twist'' Special)01 Feb 1962
Can't Help Falling In Love01 Mar 1962
Good Luck Charm10 May 1962
Follow That Dream (EP)21 Jun 1962
She's Not You30 Aug 1962
Kid Galahad (EP)03 Nov 1962
Return To Sender29 Nov 1962
One Broken Heart For Sale28 Feb 1963
(You're The) Devil In Disguise04 Jul 1963
Bossa Nova Baby24 Oct 1963
Kiss Me Quick19 Dec 1963
Viva Las Vegas12 Mar 1964
Kissin' Cousins25 Jun 1964
Such A Night20 Aug 1964
Ain't That Loving You Baby29 Oct 1964
Blue Christmas03 Dec 1964
Do The Clam11 Mar 1965
Crying In The Chapel27 May 1965
Tell Me Why11 Nov 1965
Blue River24 Feb 1966
Frankie And Johnny07 Apr 1966
Love Letters07 Jul 1966
All That I Am13 Oct 1966
If Every Day Was Like Christmas01 Dec 1966
Indescribably Blue09 Feb 1967
The Love Machine11 May 1967
You Gotta Stop11 May 1967
Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)16 Aug 1967
Guitar Man21 Feb 1968
U.S. Male15 May 1968
Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby17 Jul 1968
You'll Never Walk Alone16 Oct 1968
If I Can Dream26 Feb 1969
In The Ghetto11 Jun 1969
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard06 Sep 1969
Suspicious Minds29 Nov 1969
Don't Cry Daddy28 Feb 1970
Kentucky Rain16 May 1970
The Wonder Of You11 Jul 1970
I've Lost You14 Nov 1970
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me09 Jan 1971
There Goes My Everything20 Mar 1971
Rags To Riches15 May 1971
Heartbreak Hotel17 Jul 1971
Hound Dog17 Jul 1971
I'm Leavin'02 Oct 1971
I Just Can't Help Believin'04 Dec 1971
Jailhouse Rock11 Dec 1971
Until It's Time For You To Go01 Apr 1972
An American Trilogy17 Jun 1972
Burning Love30 Sep 1972
Always On My Mind16 Dec 1972
Polk Salad Annie26 May 1973
Fool11 Aug 1973
Raised On Rock24 Nov 1973
I've Got A Thing About You Baby16 Mar 1974
If You Talk In Your Sleep13 Jul 1974
My Boy16 Nov 1974
Promised Land18 Jan 1975
T-R-O-U-B-L-E24 May 1975
Green, Green Grass Of Home29 Nov 1975
Hurt01 May 1976
The Girl Of My Best Friend04 Sep 1976
Suspicion25 Dec 1976
Moody Blue05 Mar 1977
Way Down13 Aug 1977
Are You Lonesome Tonight?03 Sep 1977
It's Now Or Never03 Sep 1977
Wooden Heart03 Sep 1977
Jailhouse Rock03 Sep 1977
Crying In The Chapel03 Sep 1977
Return To Sender03 Sep 1977
All Shook Up03 Sep 1977
The Wonder Of You03 Sep 1977
My Way10 Dec 1977
Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)24 Jun 1978
It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)15 Dec 1979
Beyond The Reef30 Aug 1980
It's Only Love30 Aug 1980
Santa Claus Is Back In Town06 Dec 1980
Guitar Man14 Feb 1981
Lovin' Arms18 Apr 1981
Jailhouse Rock05 Feb 1983
Baby I Don't Care07 May 1983
I Can Help03 Dec 1983
The Last Farewell10 Nov 1984
Always On My Mind10 Aug 1985
Bossa Nova Baby11 Apr 1987
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby11 Apr 1987
If I Can Dream22 Aug 1987
Love Me Tender22 Aug 1987
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Live)17 Aug 1991
Don't Be Cruel29 Aug 1992
The Twelfth Of Never11 Nov 1995
Hearbreak Hotel18 May 1996
I Was The One18 May 1996
Always On My Mind24 May 1997

US SinglesFirst Charted
Tickle Me (I Feel That I've Known You Forever)
Heartbreak Hotel03 Mar 1956
I Was The One10 Mar 1956
Blue Suede Shoes07 Apr 1956
Money Honey12 May 1956
My Baby Left Me26 May 1956
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You26 May 1956
Hound Dog04 Aug 1956
Don't Be Cruel11 Aug 1956
Blue Moon29 Sep 1956
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine13 Oct 1956
Love Me Tender20 Oct 1956
Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)03 Nov 1956
Love Me07 Nov 1956
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again01 Dec 1956
Paralyzed19 Dec 1956
Poor Boy19 Dec 1956
Old Shep29 Dec 1956
Too Much16 Jan 1957
Playing For Keeps23 Jan 1957
All Shook Up30 Mar 1957
That's When Your Heartaches Begin03 Apr 1957
(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)03 Apr 1957
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear19 Jun 1957
Loving You19 Jun 1957
Jailhouse Rock05 Oct 1957
Treat Me Nice12 Oct 1957
I Beg Of You18 Jan 1958
Don't18 Jan 1958
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck12 Apr 1958
Doncha' Think It's Time12 Apr 1958
Hard Headed Woman21 Jun 1958
Don't Ask Me Why28 Jun 1958
I Got Stung03 Nov 1958
One Night10 Nov 1958
(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I23 Mar 1959
I Need Your Love Tonight30 Mar 1959
A Big Hunk O' Love06 Jul 1959
My Wish Came True13 Jul 1959
Stuck On You04 Apr 1960
Fame And Fortune11 Apr 1960
It's Now Or Never18 Jul 1960
A Mess Of Blues25 Jul 1960
Are You Lonesome To-Night?14 Nov 1960
I Gotta Know14 Nov 1960
Surrender20 Feb 1961
Lonely Man27 Feb 1961
Flaming Star (From the "Elvis By Request" EP)17 Apr 1961
I Feel So Bad15 May 1961
Wild In The Country05 Jun 1961
Little Sister21 Aug 1961
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame28 Aug 1961
Can't Help Falling In Love04 Dec 1961
Rock-A-Hula Baby ("Twist" Special)04 Dec 1961
Good Luck Charm17 Mar 1962
Anything That's Part Of You17 Mar 1962
Follow That Dream (From the "Follow That Dream" EP)12 May 1962
She's Not You04 Aug 1962
Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello11 Aug 1962
King Of The Whole Wide World (From the "Kid Galahad" EP)22 Sep 1962
Return To Sender20 Oct 1962
Where Do You Come From27 Oct 1962
One Broken Heart For Sale16 Feb 1963
They Remind Me Too Much Of You23 Feb 1963
(You're The) Devil In Disguise29 Jun 1963
Witchcraft19 Oct 1963
Bossa Nova Baby19 Oct 1963
Kissin' Cousins22 Feb 1964
It Hurts Me29 Feb 1964
Kiss Me Quick02 May 1964
Viva Las Vegas09 May 1964
What'd I Say23 May 1964
Viva Las Vegas (If You Think I Don't Need You)04 Jul 1964
Viva Las Vegas (Today, Tomorrow and Forever)04 Jul 1964
Viva Las Vegas (EP)04 Jul 1964
Viva Las Vegas (I Need somebody To Lean On)04 Jul 1964
Viva Las Vegas (C'mon Everybody)04 Jul 1964
Such A Night25 Jul 1964
Ask Me10 Oct 1964
Ain't That Loving You Baby10 Oct 1964
Do The Clam27 Feb 1965
Crying In The Chapel24 Apr 1965
It Feels So Right19 Jun 1965
(Such An) Easy Question19 Jun 1965
Tickle Me (EP)10 Jul 1965
Tickle Me (Night Ride)10 Jul 1965
Tickle Me (Put The Blame On Me)10 Jul 1965
Tickle Me (Slowly But Surely)10 Jul 1965
Tickle Me (Dirty, Dirty Feeling)10 Jul 1965
I'm Yours28 Aug 1965
Puppet On A String13 Nov 1965
Blue River01 Jan 1966
Tell Me Why01 Jan 1966
Frankie And Johnny19 Mar 1966
Please Don't Stop Loving Me19 Mar 1966
Love Letters02 Jul 1966
Spinout08 Oct 1966
All That I Am08 Oct 1966
Indescribably Blue28 Jan 1967
Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)20 May 1967
That's Someone You Never Forget27 May 1967
There's Always Me26 Aug 1967
Judy09 Sep 1967
You Don't Know Me14 Oct 1967
Big Boss Man14 Oct 1967
Guitar Man27 Jan 1968
Stay Away16 Mar 1968
U.S. Male23 Mar 1968
You'll Never Walk Alone20 Apr 1968
Let Yourself Go15 Jun 1968
Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby22 Jun 1968
Almost In Love28 Sep 1968
A Little Less Conversation12 Oct 1968
If I Can Dream30 Nov 1968
Memories (Live)22 Mar 1969
In The Ghetto03 May 1969
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard05 Jul 1969
Suspicious Minds13 Sep 1969
Don't Cry Daddy29 Nov 1969
Rubberneckin'29 Nov 1969
Kentucky Rain14 Feb 1970
Mama Liked The Roses16 May 1970
The Wonder Of You16 May 1970
The Next Step Is Love01 Aug 1970
I've Lost You01 Aug 1970
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me24 Oct 1970
Patch It Up24 Oct 1970
There Goes My Everything26 Dec 1970
I Really Don't Want To Know26 Dec 1970
Where Did They Go, Lord13 Mar 1971
Rags To Riches13 Mar 1971
Only Believe15 May 1971
Life15 May 1971
I'm Leavin'10 Jul 1971
It's Only Love09 Oct 1971
Until It's Time For You To Go29 Jan 1972
An American Trilogy (Dixie/Battle Hymn Of the Republic/All My Trials)06 May 1972
Burning Love19 Aug 1972
Separate Ways02 Dec 1972
Fool14 Apr 1973
Steamroller Blues14 Apr 1973
Raised On Rock22 Sep 1973
For Ol' Times Sake22 Sep 1973
I've Got A Thing About You Baby09 Feb 1974
Take Good Care Of Her16 Mar 1974
If You Talk In Your Sleep08 Jun 1974
Promised Land26 Oct 1974
My Boy25 Jan 1975
T-R-O-U-B-L-E10 May 1975
Bringing It Back25 Oct 1975
For The Heart27 Mar 1976
Hurt27 Mar 1976
She Thinks I Still Care25 Dec 1976
Moody Blue25 Dec 1976
Way Down25 Jun 1977
My Way (Live)12 Nov 1977
Guitar Man (Remix)24 Jan 1981
The Elvis Medley27 Nov 1982
Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfield Remix)27 Sep 2003