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Tori Amos

UK SinglesFirst Charted
China01 Feb 1992
Spark02 May 1998
Hey Jupiter03 Aug 1996
Professional Widow03 Aug 1996
Professional Widow (It's Got To Be Big)11 Jan 1997
Caught A Lite Sneeze13 Jan 1996
Glory Of The 80's13 Nov 1999
God15 Oct 1994
Pretty Good Year19 Mar 1994
Crucify20 Jun 1992
Winter21 Mar 1992
Silent All These Years22 Aug 1992
Cornflake Girl22 Jan 1994
Talula23 Mar 1996
Silent All These Years23 Nov 1991
Past The Mission28 May 1994

US SinglesFirst Charted
God19 Feb 1994
Caught A Lite Sneeze20 Jan 1996
Silent All These Years22 Mar 1997
Spark27 Jun 1998
Jackie's Strength03 Oct 1998
Bliss11 Sep 1999