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Four Tops

UK SinglesFirst Charted
I Can't Help Myself01 Jul 1965
It's The Same Old Song02 Sep 1965
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever21 Jul 1966
Reach Out I'll Be There13 Oct 1966
Standing In The Shadows Of Love12 Jan 1967
Bernadette30 Mar 1967
7-Rooms Of Gloom15 Jun 1967
You Keep Running Away11 Oct 1967
Walk Away Renee13 Dec 1967
If I Were A Carpenter13 Mar 1968
Yesterday's Dreams21 Aug 1968
I'm In A Different World13 Nov 1968
What Is A Man28 May 1969
Do What You Gotta Do27 Sep 1969
I Can't Help Myself21 Mar 1970
It's All In The Game30 May 1970
Still Water (Love)03 Oct 1970
Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)01 May 1971
Simple Game25 Sep 1971
Bernadette11 Mar 1972
Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Darling05 Aug 1972
Keeper Of The Castle18 Nov 1972
Sweet Understanding Love10 Nov 1973
When She Was My Girl17 Oct 1981
Don't Walk Away19 Dec 1981
Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over06 Mar 1982
Back To School Again26 Jun 1982
Reach Out I'll Be There ('88 Remix)23 Jul 1988
Indestructible17 Sep 1988
Loco In Acapulco03 Dec 1988
Indestructible25 Feb 1989

US SinglesFirst Charted
Baby I Need Your Loving15 Aug 1964
Without The One You Love (Life's Not Worth While)28 Nov 1964
Ask The Lonely06 Feb 1965
I Can't Help Myself15 May 1965
It's The Same Old Song31 Jul 1965
Ain't That Love31 Jul 1965
Something About You13 Nov 1965
Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)19 Feb 1966
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever28 May 1966
Reach Out I'll Be There03 Sep 1966
Standing In The Shadows Of Love17 Dec 1966
Bernadette11 Mar 1967
7 Rooms Of Gloom20 May 1967
I'll Turn To Stone15 Jul 1967
You Keep Running Away16 Sep 1967
Walk Away Renee03 Feb 1968
If I Were A Carpenter27 Apr 1968
Yesterday's Dreams20 Jul 1968
I'm In A Different World05 Oct 1968
What Is A Man10 May 1969
Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me06 Dec 1969
It's All In The Game25 Apr 1970
Still Water (Love)29 Aug 1970
Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)23 Jan 1971
In These Changing Times03 Jul 1971
MacArthur Park (Part 2)11 Sep 1971
A Simple Game05 Feb 1972
(It's The Way) Nature Planned It09 Sep 1972
Keeper Of The Castle11 Nov 1972
Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)03 Feb 1973
Are You Man Enough23 Jun 1973
Sweet Understanding Love13 Oct 1973
I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind26 Jan 1974
One Chain Don't Make No Prison04 May 1974
Midnight Flower17 Aug 1974
Seven Lonely Nights24 May 1975
We All Gotta Stick Together06 Dec 1975
Catfish30 Oct 1976
When She Was My Girl15 Aug 1981
Back To School Again15 May 1982
Sad Hearts28 Aug 1982
I Just Can't Walk Away22 Oct 1983
Indestructible20 Aug 1988