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Frank Sinatra

UK SinglesFirst Charted
My Way02 Apr 1969
Not As A Stranger02 Sep 1955
Love's Been Good To Me04 Oct 1969
Everybody's Twistin'05 Apr 1962
Learnin' The Blues05 Aug 1955
The Lady Is A Tramp (EP)05 Jul 1958
I Will Drink The Wine06 Mar 1971
It's Nice To Go Trav'ling07 Apr 1960
Witchcraft07 Feb 1958
Nice 'N' Easy08 Sep 1960
Theme From New York, New York09 Aug 1980
Young-At-Heart09 Jul 1954
French Foreign Legion10 Apr 1959
You, My Love10 Jun 1955
Strangers In The Night12 May 1966
Love And Marriage13 Jan 1956
Mr. Success14 Nov 1958
That's Life15 Dec 1966
Songs For Swingin' Lovers (LP)15 Jun 1956
Come Dance With Me (LP)15 May 1959
My Way16 Apr 1994
Three Coins In The Fountain16 Jul 1954
River, Stay 'Way From My Door16 Jun 1960
My Blue Heaven20 Apr 1961
I Believe I'm Gonna Love You20 Dec 1975
(Love Is) The Tender Trap20 Jan 1956
Theme From New York, New York22 Feb 1986
All The Way22 Nov 1957
The World We Knew (Over And Over)23 Aug 1967
The Coffee Song23 Nov 1961
Ol' Mac Donald24 Nov 1960
High Hopes28 Aug 1959
My Way28 Nov 1970
Granada28 Sep 1961
Chicago29 Nov 1957
Summer Wind29 Sep 1966
They All Laughed30 Jan 1999
My Way31 Jan 1970

US SinglesFirst Charted
You're Cheatin' Yourself (If You're Cheatin' On Me)
I Hear A Rhapsody22 Mar 1952
Bim Bam Baby13 Sep 1952
Azure-Te (Paris Blues)27 Sep 1952
The Birth Of The Blues15 Nov 1952
Lean Baby16 May 1953
I'm Walking Behind You16 May 1953
I've Got The World On A String04 Jul 1953
My One and Only Love01 Aug 1953
From Here to Eternity26 Sep 1953
South Of The Border12 Dec 1953
Young-At-Heart13 Feb 1954
Don't Worry 'Bout Me08 May 1954
I Could Have Told You08 May 1954
Three Coins In The Fountain29 May 1954
The Gal That Got Away31 Jul 1954
Half as Lovely (Twice As True)07 Aug 1954
It Worries Me30 Oct 1954
Melody Of Love22 Jan 1955
Learnin' The Blues07 May 1955
Same Old Saturday Night24 Sep 1955
Love And Marriage05 Nov 1955
Flowers Mean Forgiveness25 Feb 1956
You'll Get Yours03 Mar 1956
(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know19 May 1956
Five Hundred Guys02 Jun 1956
You're Sensational14 Jul 1956
Johnny Concho Theme (Wait For Me)28 Jul 1956
Hey! Jealous Lover17 Oct 1956
(Love Is) The Tender Trap10 Dec 1956
Your Love For Me09 Jan 1957
Can I Steal A Little Love09 Jan 1957
Crazy Love17 Apr 1957
So Long, My Love17 Apr 1957
Chicago19 Oct 1957
All The Way26 Oct 1957
Witchcraft25 Jan 1958
How Are Ya' Fixed For Love?12 May 1958
Mr. Success27 Oct 1958
French Foreign Legion30 Mar 1959
High Hopes15 Jun 1959
Talk To Me19 Oct 1959
River, Stay 'Way From My Door30 May 1960
Nice 'N' Easy29 Aug 1960
Ol' Mac Donald07 Nov 1960
The Second Time Around06 Mar 1961
Granada03 Jul 1961
I'll Be Seeing You16 Oct 1961
Pocketful Of Miracles18 Dec 1961
The Moon Was Yellow17 Mar 1962
Stardust24 Mar 1962
Ev'rybody's Twistin'07 Apr 1962
Me And My Shadow01 Dec 1962
Call Me Irresponsible06 Apr 1963
Stay With Me18 Jan 1964
Softly, As I Leave You05 Sep 1964
Somewhere In Your Heart19 Dec 1964
Anytime At All13 Mar 1965
Tell Her (You Love Her Every Day)22 May 1965
Forget Domani26 Jun 1965
It Was A Very Good Year25 Dec 1965
Strangers In The Night07 May 1966
Summer Wind03 Sep 1966
That's Life19 Nov 1966
The World We Knew (Over And Over)05 Aug 1967
This Town28 Oct 1967
I Can't Believe I'm Losing You13 Apr 1968
My Way Of Life31 Aug 1968
Cycles12 Oct 1968
Rain In My Heart04 Jan 1969
My Way29 Mar 1969
Love's Been Good To Me13 Sep 1969
Goin' Out Of My Head29 Nov 1969
Forget To Remember29 Nov 1969
I Would Be In Love (Anyway)21 Mar 1970
Let Me Try Again (Laisse Moi Le Temps)10 Nov 1973
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown06 Apr 1974
You Turned My World Around03 Aug 1974
Anytime (I'll Be There)19 Apr 1975
I Believe I'm Gonna Love You02 Aug 1975
Theme From New York, New York03 May 1980