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Frankie Vaughan

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Wonderful Things01 Aug 1958
Don't Stop-Twist!01 Feb 1962
Seventeen02 Dec 1955
My Boy Flat Top03 Feb 1956
Hello Dolly04 Jun 1964
Man On Fire04 Oct 1957
Wanderin' Eyes04 Oct 1957
Can't Get Along Without You07 Mar 1958
We Are Not Alone07 Mar 1958
Kewpie Doll09 May 1958
The Green Door09 Nov 1956
Tower Of Strength09 Nov 1961
Am I Wasting My Time On You10 Oct 1958
The Garden Of Eden11 Jan 1957
Someone Must Have Hurt You A Lot11 Mar 1965
So Tired15 Nov 1967
Walkin' Tall18 Sep 1959
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine20 Dec 1957
Hey Mama20 Jun 1963
These Dangerous Years21 Sep 1957
Tweedle Dee22 Apr 1955
Kookie Little Paradise22 Sep 1960
There Must Be A Way23 Aug 1967
Loop De Loop24 Jan 1963
The Heart Of A Man24 Jul 1959
Milord27 Oct 1960
Hercules27 Sep 1962
I'm Gonna Clip Your Wings28 Apr 1962
Nevertheless28 Feb 1968
Happy Days And Lonely Nights28 Jan 1955
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)29 Jan 1954
What More Do You Want29 Jan 1960
That's My Doll30 Jan 1959

US SinglesFirst Charted
Judy28 Jul 1958