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Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Rock And Roll Part 110 Jun 1972
Rock And Roll Part 224 Jun 1972
I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock And Roll)23 Sep 1972
Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!)20 Jan 1973
Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again07 Apr 1973
I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)21 Jul 1973
I Love You Love Me Love17 Nov 1973
Remember Me This Way'30 Mar 1974
Always Yours15 Jun 1974
Oh Yes! You're Beautiful23 Nov 1974
Love Like You And Me03 May 1975
Doing All Right With The Boys21 Jun 1975
Papa Oom Mow Mow08 Nov 1975
You Belong To Me13 Mar 1976
It Takes All Night Long (Part 1)22 Jan 1977
A Little Boogie Woogie In The Back Of My Mind16 Jul 1977
Gary Glitter (EP)20 Sep 1980
And Then She Kissed Me10 Oct 1981
All That Glitters05 Dec 1981
Dance Me Up23 Jun 1984
Another Rock And Roll Christmas01 Dec 1984
And The Leader Rocks On (Megamix / Medley)10 Oct 1992
Through The Years21 Nov 1992
Hello Hello I'm Back Again (Again!)16 Dec 1995

US SinglesFirst Charted
Rock And Roll (Part 2)22 Jul 1972
I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock And Roll)04 Nov 1972