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Gary Numan

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Machine + Soul01 Aug 1992
New Anger01 Oct 1988
Cars01 Sep 1979
America03 Dec 1988
Berserker03 Nov 1984
Warriors03 Sep 1983
I Still Remember06 Dec 1986
Music For Chameleons06 Mar 1982
Your Fascination10 Aug 1985
Heart16 Mar 1991
Cars (Premier Mix)16 Mar 1996
Miracles16 Nov 1985
This Is Love19 Apr 1986
We Take Mystery (To Bed)19 Jun 1982
Cars ('E' Reg Model)19 Sep 1987
Are 'Friends' Electric19 Sep 1987
This Wreckage20 Dec 1980
The Skin Game21 Mar 1992
Call Out The Dogs21 Sep 1985
My Dying Machine22 Dec 1984
Sister Surprise22 Oct 1983
We Are Glass24 May 1980
Complex24 Nov 1979
Gary Numan Live (EP)25 May 1985
White Boys And Heroes28 Aug 1982
I Can't Stop28 Jun 1986
She's Got Claws29 Aug 1981
I Die, You Die30 Aug 1980

US SinglesFirst Charted
Cars16 Feb 1980